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Choosing Disc Weight

Disc golf discs come in a variety of different weights. Most discs weigh between 165 and 175 grams. Some discs also come in special plastic blends designed to weigh less. The Professional Disc Golf Association regulates how heavy a disc can be based on the discs diameter. Midrange discs generally have wider diameters and so are more likely to come in weights exceeding 175grams. Most Drivers and Putters are only PDGA approved up to 175g. Just because a disc may not fall in the PDGA weight limits doesn’t mean you can’t throw it, it simply means you can’t throw it for santioned tournament play. For the approved weight of each individual disc, check out the PDGA tech standards.

Lighter weight disc flight paths are generally more understable and more likely to turn over. Heavier discs are going to be SortbyWeightmore overstable and less likely to turn over. For beginners, youth, and players with slower arm speeds, lighter weight discs are generally easier to throw and will provide more distance.

When ordering discs on our site, you can find discs by  specific weights using our advanced search, or sort by weight within each disc model.

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