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Disc Dimentions

Under each disc description on InfiniteDiscs.com, we provide the basic disc dimensions:

  • Diameter: This is the diameter of the disc from rim to rim. Most golf discs don’t vary much and are generally between 21 and 21.4 centimeters.
  • Height: This is how tall the disc is. Faster discs generally have less height. The average distance driver is 1.65 centimeters tall, the average fairway driver 1.77 centimeters, average midrange 1.97 centimeters, and average putter 2.11 centimeters tall.
  • Rim Height: The rim height is measured on the inside where you grip it. Tall discs usually have taller rims, but this is not always the case. It depends on the thickness of the plastic, and how much exterior curve the disc actually has.
  • Rim Width: This is also known as “Wing Length” and refers to the width of the disc’s rim. Faster discs typically have wider rims. The PDGA has set a limit so that rim width can be no thicker than 2.5 centimeters. Knowing the rim width can be very important for comfort of grip. Disc golfers get used to certain widths and like to find other discs of similar size. Discs with very wide rims can be hard for many disc golfers to control. Of the discs we sell, the average rim width for distance drivers is 2.11 centimeters, 1.67cm for fairway drivers, 1.27cm for mid range discs, and .98cm for putt and approach discs.

Thank you Infinite Discs for this Advice.

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